Daftar Lagu Ballad Korea Paling Menyentuh Hati

27 Feb

Ada banyak sekali lagu-lagu Ballad Korea yang sangat bagus. Sebagai pecinta lagu Ballad, inilah daftar playlist lagu yang saya rekomendasikan sebagai lagu Ballad paling menyentuh hati menurut Marchei’s Journey. Semoga bisa membantu..

Bagi teman-teman lain yang punya rekomendasi lain, di share yaah…

A ble – Only The Words I Love You
2NE1 – It’s Hurt
2AM – Even If I Die, I Can’t You Go
Baek Ji young – like being hit by a bullet
Baek Ji young – loving one person is enough
Baek Ji young – I can’t drink
Baek Ji young – sarang ahn hae
Baek Ji Young – That Woman
Baek Ji Young – It Hurts Here
Beast – On Rainy Day
Beast – Fiction
Big Bang – Monster
Big Bang – Blue
Big Bang – Wedding Dress
Big Bang – Lies
Brown Eyed Girls – Cleansing Cream
Brown Eyed Girls – My Style (Acoustic Version)
Brown Eyed Girls ft MC. Mong – Far Away
Brown Eyed Girls – Second
Brown Eyed Girls (Ga In) – For Not You Know
Cho Eun – Ahn Dwe Get Ni (OST Memories of Bali)
CN Blue – I am a Loner
CN Blue – Don’t Say Goodbye
Davichi – Sad Love Song
Davichi – Don’t Say Goodbye
F.I.X – Afraid of Love
Fly to The Sky – Like a Man
FT Island – Love Love Love
FT Island – Hello
FT Island – Love Sick
FT Island – After Love
FT Island – Girls Don’t Know
FT Island – Heaven
FT Island – Lie
FT Island – Missing You
FT Island – Raining
FT Island – Even If It’s Not Necessary
Huh Gak – I Told You Wanna Die
Hwayobi – Glass
IU – Mia
IU – The Story Only I Did’nt Know
JYJ – In Heaven
Jung In – Rainy Season
Kim Ah Joong – Byul (OST. 200 Pounds Beauty)
Kim Boo kyung – Suddenly (OST. City hunter)
Kim Bum Soo – Appear
Kim Bum Soo – Lies
Kim Bum Soo – Last Love
Kim Bum Soo – You Went Away
Kangta – Persona
K. Will – Dropping The Tears
K. Will – Love is Punishment
Kim Dong Wook – Sad To Say
Kim Dong Wook feat Beige – Black Tears
Kim Ji Soo – Miss You So
Lee Bo Ram feat Mino – Two Fools
Lee Ji Sob – Sarang Eun Deun Ga Bwa
Lee Sung Yeol – Tears
Lee Seung Gi – Difficult Words to Say
Mc. Mong Feat Mellow – Enough Sick to Die
No Min Woo – Trap (Ost. My Girlfriend is Gumiho)
Park Shin Hye – Without Words
SG Wannabe – Saldaga
Shin Hye Sung – Tick tock
Shin Hye Sung – Some Tought
SM The Ballad – Another Day
SNSD – Time Machine
SNSD – Mistake
Ost.My Girl – Seo-reun Beon-jjeum _ 서른 번쯤
Park Hyo Shin – Pabo (Fool)
SS501 – Find
Sung Shi Kyung – One Love
Sung Shi Kyung – Even Now
Sung Shi Kyung – I Like It
Sumi Jo – If I Leave
Super junior – Coagulation
Super Junior (Yesung) – It Has To Be With You
Super Junior (Yesung) – Waiting For You
T-ara – Cry Cry
T-ara – Lie
T-ara (Ji Yeon) – In Addition
TVXQ – Don’t Say Goodbye
TVXQ – One
TVXQ – My Destiny
TVXQ – I Never Let Go
TVXQ – Begin
TVXQ – Why Did I Fall In Love With You
U- Kiss – 0330
Wheesung – Heartsore Story
Wheesung – Goodbye Love
Wheesung – Incurable Disease
Wheesung – I Even Tough of Marriage


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